Perspective Knit-a-Long Kits

Ellen Coy brings us a new shawl design with bold stripes, brioche texture, and short-row wedges in our single-ply Rustic Fingering: Perspective. To celebrate, we're hosting a Knit-a-Long complete with prizes and releasing kits! Pattern releasing May 2nd.

Perspective uses single-color brioche stitch to create thin, single-row stripes, a stitch pattern that should be a thrill for brioche enthusiasts and beginners alike. From a distance, the three colors almost melt together, like mixing paints, and then pop in their own stand-out short row sections. With the geometric wedges and stripes, this shawl evokes the vanishing point concept used by artists. Perspective has a small and large version.

Ellen particularly loves how Rustic Fingering works up in a brioche pattern - pleasantly squishy, but with enough stitch definition for neat-as-a-pin rows. She also hand-picked her favorite color combos out of our lineup, and since you just need 1 skein of each color to complete either size, you can use the colors in any order you wish!

Want to put together your own kit combination? Try out our Palette Builder Tool with all 77 of our colors!

Pattern not included. Purchase the pattern directly from the designer's website or Ravelry page once it releases on May 2nd.