Karida's Favorite Things: A Yarn Club

Who wants to join the Karida club? The theme for this three-month yarn subscription is my absolute favorite colors. If you've met me at the studio or at shows, or seen my Instagram, you've probably got a sense of my best-loved palette. Think jewel shades, saturation, and richness. And this club will feature some extra-special yarns that you can't find in our regular roster! If you're a connoisseur of different fiber blends, you'll definitely enjoy the surprises in each box.

Checkout my mood board for a sense of what colors you'll be receiving!

Boxes will ship monthly, at the beginning of July, August, and September. Each shipment will contain $65-$75 worth of yarn along with some pattern suggestions that we've curated (patterns will not be included). Yarns will be made from animal fiber (sheep and goat).