Fixing & Finishing Brioche with Lesley Anne Robinson

Learn from designer Lesley Anne Robinson

Gain confidence with your brioche knitting by learning how to fix mistakes, pick up dropped stitches,  place lifelines, and add those finishing touches to your brioche projects! Feel free to bring any of your brioche projects  you might want to fix or finish, or you can sit back and treat this as a lecture!  

Saturday, June 22nd 2:30-5:30

Prerequisites: Knowledge of brioche knitting in any form 

Class Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced. Previous brioche knowledge recommended.  

Homework: Bring in a brioche project or swatch, preferably with mistakes or unfinished (optional).  

Supplies: Tapestry needle for weaving ends, crochet hook for picking up dropped stitches, locking stitch markers, 20”  length (or longer depending on project) of smooth yarn for adding lifelines