August 03, 2017 3 min read

Taking over the upstairs

When we took over the lease for upstairs, we didn't quite know what we were going to do with it. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a beautiful, open space with great light and lovely, original tin ceilings. It’s PERFECT for our Studio Store. We look forward to welcoming you into our new retail space, which has the distinct advantage of being far away from the steamy dye kitchen. Unfortunately, the second floor is only accessible via stairs.  With that in mind, we will be offering tours of our expanded production space (which will continue to be fully handicapped accessible) and will be more than happy to run up and down the stairs to fetch skeins if need be.

Along with moving the shop upstairs, we are updating our store hours. Starting in September, the NFC store will be open Fridays and Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm. Our intention is to give us some more time to devote to what we do best, dyeing yarn. If our planned hours don’t work for you, don’t worry! We are still open by appointment the rest of the week. Also, every Friday, from 12-2, we will all bring out our knitting and have a good chat. Please join us! The shop will close on August 26th at 5 pm and reopen upstairs on September 1st at 10 am.

Our summer of giving continues!

To wrap up our summer of giving, we've chosen a big one - healthcare. Here's what Karida has to say on the subject:

Healthcare is a human right. Full stop. I was raised by a mother who worked as an administrator and advocate for public hospital systems. It never occurred to me that healthcare could be anything other than a human right. Imagine my surprise when I began working on Neighborhood Fiber Co. full-time. I discovered very quickly that I could not afford health insurance (when I wasn’t rejected outright due to a pre-existing condition). Nor could I afford to pay the out-of-pocket cost of health care. Navigating the dizzying world of insurance information, finding community health centers, and attempting to qualify for low-income services with no pay stubs were all more than I could handle or afford. So, for years, I went without adequate healthcare. I lost working time to preventable illnesses, had a cavity turn into a full-body infection, and even had surgery in the emergency room. Through all of this trial, the one organization that consistently made my healthcare and life easier was Planned Parenthood. I visited their health centers in multiple different states for the only regular health screenings that I had for 4 years. Now that my life and business are stable and thriving, I have healthcare that I can afford. However, that’s not true for everyone. I hope that you’ll join me in supporting Planned Parenthood and Healthcare for the Homeless. Both of these organizations provide direct health services to vulnerable populations. Now, more than ever, it’s important for all of us to put our support behind organizations that are working to make healthcare accessible. 

For August, we will be donating 10% of all online sales to Planned Parenthood and 10% of all in-store sales to Health Care for the Homeless.

We donated $1,000 in June ($400 to the Baltimore Chapter of GLSEN and $600 to the National Center for Transgender Equality. We had a number of requests for Transgender Pride minis, so here you go! July sales were actually higher than June (who says yarn sales slow down over the summer?) so we were able to donate even more in July with $550 going to the Maryland League of Conservation Voters and $725 going to the Natural Resources Defense Council

Keeping plenty busy

We are hard at work dyeing up new limited edition colors (stay tuned) and keeping up with orders for Andrea Mowry's upcoming Mystery Knit Fade Along - What the Fade?!We really love the 9 color combos we came up with and have made them available in all 3 of our fingering weights. Who's excited for August 31st?

We are also winding yarn like mad things in preparation for our first sweater club shipment! At this rate, October will be here before we know it. Haven't signed up yet? You've got until September 14th!

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