Karida's Favorite Things

The theme for this three-month yarn subscription is my absolute favorite colors. If you've met me at the studio or at shows, or seen my Instagram, you've probably got a sense of my best-loved palette. Think jewel shades, saturation, and richness. And this club will feature some extra-special yarns that you can't find in our regular roster! If you're a connoisseur of different fiber blends, you'll definitely enjoy the surprises in each box.

Checkout my mood board for a sense of what colors you'll be receiving!

Boxes will ship monthly, at the beginning of July, August, and September. Each shipment will contain $65-$75 worth of yarn along with some pattern suggestions that we've curated (patterns will not be included). Yarns will be made from animal fiber (sheep and goat).

July Box Pattern Ideas

Shell Shock Cowl by Detroit Knots (crochet)

Kingussie Mittens by Sònia Torner (crochet)

Coracle Cowl by Ysolda Teague (knit)

Riptide135 by Jennifer Shiels Toland (knit)