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Our Semi-Solid Color Collections are the top sellers at Neighborhood Fiber Co. With 43 options how do you choose your favorite? Keep reading to see side by side comparison and helpful descriptions to decide which is best your project.

From left to right: Victorian Village, Cross Street Market, Guilford, Mondawmin, Waverly, Charles Village

From left to right: Victorian Village, Cross Street Market, Guilford, Mondawmin, Waverly, Charles Village

Pink Semi-Solid Color Collection

“Think pink! Our semisolid pinks range from delicate floral shades to bold magentas.

Victorian Village

Victorian Village is a light rose quartz that slants cool. This is our recommendation for baby pink projects.

Cross Street Market

Cross Street Market is a warm blush pink with sandstone undertones, earthy but delicate.


Guilford is that classic Barbie-shoe pink, a playful shade evoking hibiscus and flamingo lawn ornaments.


Mondawmin is one of our hottest shades, a saturated neon magenta. A great choice to add a punk rock edge to a project.

Charles Village

Charles Village is a classic jewel-tone magenta with a raspberry inflection.


Waverly is a sultry lipstick shade of deep mulberry, the nuanced halfway point between red and purple.

From left to right: Engine Company No. 7, Station North, Observatory Circle, Park Heights

Red Semi-Solid Color Collection

If you’ve ever tried to find the perfect red lipstick, you know that red is not a monolith. From cool, warm, and primary, we have the right shade for you.

Engine Company No. 7

Engine Company No. 7 lives up to its name: a primary, fire-engine red so vivid it borders on fluorescent.

Station North

Station North, named for a Baltimore arts district with theaters and music venues, is our red carpet shade. Velvety, rosy, and romantic.

Observatory Circle

Observatory Circle conjures ruby, garnet, and wine. A touch of variegation adds a prismatic effect to this deep red.

Park Heights

Park Heights is a mysterious, gothic shade. This deep eggplant, plum color is created by layering red on top of black

From left to right: Barclay, Bolton Hill, Orangeville, Oliver, Penn North, Abell

Orange & Yellow Semi-Solid Collection

Earthy and botanical to neon and metallic, our wide variety of oranges and yellows has a hue for everyone.


Barclay is a cherry-infused brown that brings to mind terra cotta and redwood forests. 

Bolton Hill

Bolton Hill is where you can find a lot of stately brick townhomes in Baltimore, so it’s fitting that we named this rusty brick shade for it.


Orangeville’s color is reminiscent of turmeric, but also reminds us of a good old-fashioned with its shades of whiskey and orange peel.


Oliver has all the richness of gold without the shine. This mustard yellow is the pinnacle of autumn vibes.

Penn North

Penn North is the sunshine in our color lineup, adding lemon zest to your projects.


Abell is a hot coral that fits right into our neons and brights. Right on the border of red and pink, this color fits right into a spring or summer wardrobe.

From left to right: Oakenshawe, Anacostia, Greenmount, Belair

Green Semi-Solid Color Collection

We got greens from Baltimore’s beautiful parks and its vibrant street art. Natural and human-made come together in this part of the rainbow.


Oakenshawe perfectly encapsulates the color of oak leaves. If you’re a cottagecore fan, this woodsy green is perfect for your projects.


Anacostia is a grassy green with yellow undertones, giving it a lush, rainforest feel.


Greenmount is the quintessential emerald. It’s the sporty green of polo fields (or the Outkast Hey Ya music video).


You can’t find a better tennis-ball green than Belair. A refreshing shade the color of the lime wedge in your margarita.

From left to right: Canton, Highlandtown, Lakeland

Teal Semi-Solid Color Collection

Our blue-greens deserve their own category, being so saturated and versatile.


Canton is a tropical turquoise with a retro feel and a warm sunshine undertone.


Highlandtown is a rich marine teal blue that brings to mind kingfisher plumage and the Patterson Park pond on a sunny day.


Lakeland is an oceanic jewel-tone teal with slight variegation between denim blue and sea green.

From left to right: Woodberry, Ward Circle, Washington Circle, Palisades, Georgetown

Blue Semi-Solid Color Collection

Navies and denims offer calming additions to your project, but our blues also offer exciting fluorescents that are sure to pop.


Woodberry, back by popular demand, is a light turquoise blue with just a pinch of green, giving it a seafoam vibe.

Ward Circle

Ward Circle is an electric cyan that you can rave to. Against a similarly vivid neon it has a trippy vibrationally effect.

Washington Circle

Washington Circle is a classic, sapphire blue in indigo-wash jeans.


Palisades is a deep-sea navy blue with just a little extra vibrance (because we’re a little extra too).


Georgetown is an intense pthalo blue with an ultraviolet undercurrent. While named for Georgetown, this is not your average Hoya shade.

From left to right: Bentalou, Ednor Gardens, Concord Point, Truxton Circle, Remington

Purple Semi-Solid Color Collection

No one reps their favorite color like Purple People. That’s why we’ve invested so much in exploring this royal shade in our lineup.


Bentalou is named for the street where Karida’s grandparents owned a grocery store. Originally dyed for Mother’s Day, Bentalou is a soft lilac with a pink tilt.

Ednor Gardens

Ednor Gardens is a pastel periwinkle evocative of impressionist paintings you might see at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Concord Point

Concord Point is an ultraviolet purple as vibrant as the lighthouse it’s named for. This galactic shade resonates with fans of sci-fi.

Truxton Circle

Our royal purple Truxton Circle is a decadent velvet shade with a reddish undertone, making it almost universally flattering.


Remington is a blue-toned concord grape purple. And of course, it matches our Baltimore Ravens colors.

From left to right: Ramblewood, Druid Heights, Lexington Market, Federal Hill, Roland Park

Brown Semi-Solid Color Collection

We like to say that even our neutrals are interesting. These shades of brown and tan can magically match any color combination or stand on their own in a classic sweater staple.


Ramblewood has a strong red tint, giving it the feel of luxurious mahogany.

Druid Heights

Druid Heights is a woody, chocolate brown with just a flicker of gold in its undertone. 

Lexington Market

Lexington Market is a brown-inflected gray that evokes wrought iron and patina. And it almost perfectly matches the new building that houses its historic namesake.

Federal Hill

Federal Hill is a stone color that shifts from gray to beige. This magical neutral pairs gorgeously with almost every shade in our rainbow.

Roland Park

Roland Park is the natural white of the Merino sheep that grew the wool, and has an ivory cream tint. Why’d we name our white after Roland Park? Well, as they say: “If you know, you know.”

From left to right: Ramblewood, Druid Heights, Lexington Market, Federal Hill, Roland Park

Gray Semi-Solid Color Collection

Nothing runs the spectrum like gray. From cream white to charcoal black, we’ve got all the shades in between.

Hollins Market

Hollins Market is a rainy blue-gray with a heathered character. This faded denim shade is a great neutral, but can also hold its own as a featured color.

Broadway Market

Broadway Market a deep blue-black with a slight green tilt. It has all the moodiness of black but with a softer personality.


Upton is our essential charcoal black, and was named for the neighborhood of a thriving community of Black entrepreneurs.

Thomas Circle

Thomas Circle is a storm cloud, pewter gray that can show off any stitch pattern.

Charles Centre

Charles Centre is a light silver gray, the color of moonlight. Try this in lieu of white for a light contrast color.

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