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Madder & Soda Ash

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  • Madder & Soda Ash

Neighborhood Fiber Co.

Madder & Soda Ash

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The Madder plant produces small yellow flowers, but the true color comes from its long root containing alizarin(red) and other colorants. We took madder to its limit by adding soda ash, which altered the dye’s pH level and created a solid, saturated red with warm undertones.

About Neighborhood Naturals

You’ve never seen natural dyes quite like this.

Neighborhood Naturals is a capsule collection of 10 stunning, 100% naturally dyed colors exclusively available in our Rustic Fingering yarn base. Challenged to create natural dyes that were both consistent and saturated, we brought on Abbey, an undergraduate intern, and Kenya Miles, a teaching fellow, both from the Maryland Institute College of Art's Natural Dye Project Cohort, to help us showcase the beautiful colors our planet has to offer.

Abbey and our team of dye technicians took natural pigments in their rawest form—wood chips, roots, leaves, and even insects—and crushed, powdered, and processed them in house. They meticulously timed and monitored the dyeing process to achieve consistent results, and experimented with mordants and other ingredients to produce incredible, vivid colorways that can be so difficult to accomplish with natural pigments

Neighborhood Naturals is only available as supplies last! And to celebrate the launch, the first 20 people to purchase Neighborhood Natural yarn will receive a gift: an indigo dyed Neighborhood Fiber Co. project bag, hand-dyed by Alexis, our brilliant summer Studio Assistant from Baltimore Youth Arts.

Please note that each skein is dyed individually, meaning there will be variations in shade and saturation between skeins in the same colorway. If ordering online, please leave a note telling us if you need matching skeins for your project. Because this is a limited edition collection, it may not be possible to provide matching skeins as our stock depletes. As with our acid dyed yarns, we also recommend alternating in between skeins to ensure your project has a consistent color. 

Rustic Fingering

Soft and smooth, this single-ply fingering-weight superwash merino yarn has enough yardage for many shawlette and accessory patterns. Single ply construction gives amazing stitch definition. 

100% Superwash Merino
475 yards/4 oz
7-8 sts/inch US 0-1

Recommendations for Care


We take every step to seal the dyes to the yarn, but with darker colors, you may notice some runoff on your hands, and even wooden needles or hooks. This is called crocking. If crocking occurs, we recommend giving your yarn or your completed project a vinegar bath. If you are planning a project that uses both a darker yarn (like Deep Indigo, Medium Indigo, Logwood, or Madder & Soda Ash) with a lighter yarn (such as Light Indigo, Madder, or even our acid dyed yarns, like Charles Centre), we recommend giving those darker skeins a vinegar bath before starting your project to preserve the contrast of your colors.

Fibers dyed with Indigo are particularly likely to crock. However, this effect can be minimized by a vinegar bath. Crocking will also decrease over time.

 Directions for Vinegar Bath

  • Mix warm water with 1 ounce of vinegar per skein
  • Leave yarn to soak for at least 1 hour
  • Starting with warm water, rinse yarn. While rinsing, gradually cool the temperature of the water until water runs clear. 

Light Damage

Naturally dyed yarns are more susceptible to sun bleaching than acid dyed yarns. Please store your yarn or completed projects away from direct sunlight.