Alpaca Meringue

Ann Weaver's Alpaca Meringue pattern pairs Neighborhood Fiber Co. Suri Loft and Plied North Ave to make an incredibly soft, marled cowl. 


One skein of Suri Loft, and two 30-yard bobbins of Plied North Ave.

Yarn Information:

Suri Loft: 65% Suri alpaca, 20% wool, 15% silk. 190yds/ 50g skein.

Plied North Ave: 100% non-superwash wool; woolen-spun. 30yds/ bobbin.


Ann (right) is wearing the Alpaca Meringue in Logan Circle in Suri Loft with Vacants to Value and Sauerkraut at Thanksgiving in Plied North Ave; Karida (left) is wearing it in Park Heights in Suri Loft with Dovecote and Eubie Blake in Plied North Ave.