Kamala Harris "Crochet Czar" Enamel Pin for Give India

Not too long ago, Vice President Harris visited Fibre Space in Alexandria to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on woman-owned businesses. Of course, when Fox News heard about this, they were quick to mock her with a nickname: the Crochet Czar. 

We can't vouch for the Fox News writers' ability to come up with a good joke, but how could we not embrace this new moniker?

We teamed up with Nerd Bird Makery to bring you a brand new pin design featuring VP Harris with her new title. And to spin something good out of a weak attempt at a takedown, proceeds from sales of these high-quality, hand-crafted pins will be donated to Give India to provide medical treatment and supplies to Covid-19 patients and their families, and each donation will be matched by Nerd Bird Makery.

Give India is a trusted donation platform that supports many different causes in India, but much of their fundraising over the past year has been focused on Covid relief, especially during this most recent, deadly wave. Donations will be used to open new care centers, increase oxygen supply, and provide direct financial assistance for families who have lost loved ones to Covid.

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